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Disclaimer: The warrants on this site are for informational purposes only. Outstanding warrants on this page are updated throughout the work week so be aware that warrants are continuously being issued and cancelled 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you know the location of someone listed as wanted, please contact your local law enforcement agency. Citizens cannot execute warrants.

  • All warrants should be verified through the Lake Placid Police Department Records or N.C.I.C.


  • Only law enforcement officers may make an arrest based on a warrant


  • The fact that a warrant is listed on this page does not mean that the Lake Placid Police Department will extradite the offender or that the warrant is still valid.


  • If your name is listed, come to the station to clear the matter up.



  • Do not report a tip unless you have information that might help officers locate the wanted person.

Name                                         Warrant Type                       
Angela Burns                            Arrest Warrant - Criminal Poss. Stolen Property
William B. Brousseau               Bench Warrant - Driving While Intoxicated
Forest Coyle                              Bench Warrant - Issuing a bad Check
Jose Cadiz Jr.                           Arrest Warrant - Crim. Poss. Stolen Property
Karina Rezvanova                    Arrest Warrant - Possession Forged Instrument 2nd
Elena Kiseleva                          Arrest Warrant - Possession Forged Instrument 2nd
Christopher G. Schwehm       Bench Warrant
Korrin I. Schofield                   Bench Warrant
Michael T. Scheer                    Bench Warrant
Bonny M. Berkner                   Arrest Warrant - Stalking
Travis M. Lapage                     Arrest Warrant - Aggravated Harassment
Christian V. Pussilano            Arrest Warrant - Theft of Services
Caitlin A. Bugbee                    Bench Warrant
Todd A. Miller                         Bench Warrant - Driving While Intoxicated
Christopher S. Larriaga         Arrest Warrant - Aggravated Harassment

Timothy Petroziello                Bench Warrant

Cassandra Marsh                    Bench Warrant

Keri A. Pagnozzi                      Bench Warrant

Thomas F. Madia                    Arrest Warrant

Henrey E. Lawrence                Bench Warrant

Benjamin D. Badgley              Bench Warrant

Richard J. Gallant                   Bench Warrant

Peter Tsardounis                     Bench Warrant

Tash R. Harris                         Arrest Warrant

Michael M. Young                   Arrest Warrant

Ryan Ratelle

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