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Parking Enforcement

We have immediate openings for full time, part time and seasonal parking control officers. Apply via this link or call 518-523-3306 for more information.


Police Officer Employment - Entry Level
A Lake Placid Police Offic
er is a civil service position. Prospective full-time new employees must take a civil service exam in order to be considered. The exam is generally given in November throughout various locations within the State. Inquiries about the next exam can be found by contacting:

Essex County Personnel and Civil Service Office
PO Box 217, 7551 Court Street

Elizabethtown, NY 12932
(518) 873-3360

Civil service exam announcements are posted here.

Once a candidate has successfully taken the civil service exam, a physical agility test would be administered. Candidates that have successfully completed the first phases of testing would then be placed on the civil service list, in order of their score, as qualified candidates for hire. When the police department has a vacant position the administration will start at the top of the list contacting potential candidates for an oral interview and background check until the position(s) is filled. Candidates that are chosen for employment would then have to successfully complete the basic academy for police officers and pass a probationary field training phase within the department. Prospective employees must also submit to a medical physical, psychological exam and eye test while meeting the civil service requirements for all. See the candidate information packet for more information on becoming a police officer with the Lake Placid police Department.

   LPPD Police Officer Candidate Information Packet

  Police Civil Service Exam - Study Guide

  NYS Dept Civil Service FAQ - Police Officer Exam

Police Officer - Lateral Transfer
Transfer Eligibility If you are currently employed as a New York State certified full-time police officer with a permanent civil service classification, and you are interested in employment with the Lake Placid Police Department, you may be eligible to be hired as a lateral transfer. To be eligible you must:
  -Have a clean service record    
  -Have been hired from a valid New York State civil service list        
  -Have successfully completed the Municipal Police Training Council Basic Academy

If you are interested in being considered as a lateral transfer to the Lake Placid Police Department please contact and forward a resume to:
Chief Charles Dobson
Lake Placid Police Dept.
2693 Main St. Suite 104
Lake Placid, NY 12946

Please note: Based on an opinion rendered by the 
New York State Department of Civil Service, the Lake Placid Police Department is unable to accept lateral transfers from the following categories of police officers:
  -Part-time police officers of New York State
  -Any Police Officer outside of New York State
  -New York City Police Officers

Interested candidates from these categories are still eligible to take the civil service entrance examination and continue with the selection process.



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