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Share the Road: Tips for Drivers, Cyclists, and Athletes

As the summer months draw closer motorists should expect to see a dramatic increase in cycling and running enthusiasts along the roads.
 The closer we get to the Ironman triathlon, the more athletes you should expect to see. Drivers should be vigilant in looking for these athletes and athletes must obey all traffic laws.

Tips for Drivers
Drivers are encourages to turn on their headlights when operating during dawn and approaching dusk. Headlights can aid cyclists in spotting vehicles and bicycle reflectors still illuminate during these periods. Additionally, drivers should:

    -Obey all posted speed limits.
    -Yield to runners and cyclists when turning.
    -Be cautious when opening car doors.
    -Be careful when overtaking another vehicle, moving or stopped.
    -Allow for at least 3 feet when passing cyclists.

Drivers must also realize that cyclists are sometimes face with challenges that force them into a traffic lane. Shoulders aren't always wide enough or are non-existent to the cyclists and poor shoulder/road conditions aren't always usable for a bicycle. Visiting cyclists aren't always familiar with the area roads and drivers should be aware of that.

Tips for Cyclists
Cyclists MUST follow the same rules as a motorized vehicle and sometimes are even more restricted. This means stopping at all stop signs; obeying all traffic signals and lane markings; and using hand signals to let others know of your intention to turn or stop (VTL §1237). Furthermore, NY State Vehicle & Traffic law states that all bicyclists must use a shoulder when it is available and within that should may not ride more than 2 abreast (VTL §1234b). Bicyclists must also have lights and reflectors visible during the evening (VTL §1236).

    -Don't wear headphones; you need to hear vehicles approaching.
    -Slow down and check for oncoming traffic before entering any street or intersection.
    -Try to anticipate hazards and adjust accordingly.
    -Ride with the flow of traffic, on the right and in a straight line. Look before swerving around
    -hazards - you might have to stop or slow down.
    -The courses are long, it is a good idea to carry identification at all times.

The conditions of the roads within the Adirondacks can change drastically in only a few miles. Because of the lack of a major highway leading to Lake Placid, expect heavy vehicular traffic on every road and especially the State Highways that are part of the Ironman course.  Wear protective gear and be visible. NY Law requires a front light and a rear red/amber during after dusk.

Tips for Runners
Just as a cyclist, it's important to pay attention to traffic. Runners should keep the following tips in mind:

       -Use caution when crossing intersections
       -Don't run between parked cars into the street.
       - Wear visible clothing, especially at night. Consider a reflective vest or band.
       - Avoid headphone use whenever possible so vehicles and cyclists can be heard.
       - Carry identification.
       - KEEP ALERT!

                                                                                           Advice from SafeNY: