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 Lake Placid Police Benevolent Association



The Lake Placid Police Benevolent Association is a non-profit organization developed to provide protection, service and financial assistance, at it's discretion, to the community when needed and with the help of the community's support.

The PBA is operated and organized for the Officer's and the residents of the Village of Lake Placid. The PBA is continuously growing and expanding it's services to the community. It's members include the unionized law enforcement personnel of the Lake Placid Police Department.
The Lake Placid PBA does not have an official website. LPPD created this page to allow you to learn more about the PBA and keep you apprised of their happenings.

The PBA operates under the guidance of it's president, as voted by it's members. To request further information about the PBA, email the PBA, or send your correspondence to the address' below.

The LP PBA does NOT solicit donations over the phone or by any other means. However, the PBA does graciously accept financial support so that we can continue to fund the many community programs our organization runs and/or sponsors.
To donate to the PBA, send check or money order to:
Lake Placid Police Benevolent Association
PO Box 1672
Lake Placid, NY 12946
Check should be made payable to: Lake Placid PBA


T-Shirts $20.00 Donation
Contact the PBA for information on how to get yours

Contact Us   

Postal Mail

Lake Placid P.B.A.
P.O. Box 1672
Lake Placid N.Y. 12946

Executive Board E-Mail

James Staats - President
Chad Blinn - Vice-President

Heather LaHart - Secretary/Treasurer